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With Realistic Target you learn to shoot and learn when to shoot.

“As a former law enforcement officer, I personally have been confronted by split second, shoot/no shoot decisions and see the value of firearms stress training to indispensably contribute to a positive outcome.”

Recognize. Evaluate. Respond.

108 different combinations with targets and inserts.

Threat recognition
be prepared for
a friend or foe!


25+ Professionally illustrated targets present stunning reality... Unlike photos REALISTIC TARGETS Pop with Color and give LIFE-LIKE detail.

Realistic Targets are used by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the US and Canada. Our targets are widely employed in concealed and carry firearms training as well in private sector firearms training where “Learning when to shoot” is essential.

The use of Realisitc Targets in a comprehensive stress training program can help reduce departmental and officer liability traced to inadequate firearms training. Make Realistic Targets part of that training today.
Realisic Targets is a veteran and former law enforcement officer owned small business. We know first hand....

Unique to Realistic Target is the use of adhesive insert panels that are applied to the target face by the trainer to change the threat level depiction on a particular target. A target depicting a firearm threat can be changed to depict a benign situation like a binocular, driver license, cell phone, etc. simply by changing the insert.


Designed and printed in the USA.
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